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Healthy and Safe
Why are babies and toddlers always fidgety with their feet and always trying to take their shoes off? Is this a coincidence? Or is it an automatic mechanism to get rid of these tight and confining things?

Orthopaedic research suggests that "fallen arches" or "flat feet" occur more often in the more cultivated, western world. Scientists believe that there is a relationship between flat feet and the use of traditional footwear, worn by kids during their primary years of development.  In fact, there are orthopaedic studies that suggest that the strongest developed little feet, are those of children that have learned to walk barefoot.

By walking on bare feet, babies and toddlers learn to develop their toe gripping- and arch muscle qualities. In addition it is very important that the child learns to know the feel of its own foot soles as it learns to walk. The child must feel the impulses of the nerves of the foot.

However, it isn't always possible to walk on bare feet. Therefore Boumy soft leather shoes are the ideal solution.
- they protect the feet
- they are flexible and allow free movement
- they are flat soled, no heel
- the rough leather finish underneath gives ample grip for skiddy floors
- the soft leather is light and feels pleasant
- the elastic ankle fastening makes sure the shoe does not slip off

Boumy leather shoes give the child the sensation of walking barefoot while the little feet are being protected against influences from outside.

Safety According to the European Union Legislation
Have you ever seen a baby that doesn't put everything into its mouth?

Boumy is 100% focused on safety measures. All Boumy products are tested according to European Legislation to ensure our leather is 100% safe. Should your little one place a Boumy shoe in their mouth, you can rest assured that our leather is 100% safe!